3 Important Questions To Ask Your Bail Bond Company

Hiring the right bail bond company can be a challenge, and it is important that you find one that is reputable and trustworthy. Here is a short list of questions to ask to ensure that you are hiring the right company for your needs.


What Percentage Do You Charge?

This is one of the first questions that you should ask of any dauphin county bail bonds companies that you are considering. You not only want to be wary of discounted rates, as reputable companies are unlikely to offer deep discounts, but you also want to be cautious that you are not being charged too much. 10% is a fairly typical rate, so if you aren’t offered something in that range, walk away.


Where Can I Find Company Ratings?

Any company can claim that they get amazing reviews, but it is important that you do the research yourself to find some real, verified customer stories. If the reviews seem legitimate and the concerns are minimal, then it is likely a good company to work with. You can also check sites like the Better Business Bureau to see if they are listed there.


Can I Get Our Contract in Writing?

When you settle on a deal that both you and your bondsman are happy with, make sure that an official contract is written. Verbal commitments are great, but they do not protect you in the case that the bondsman does not follow through on his part of the deal. Ensure that the contract includes information such as interest rate, payment terms and payment schedules and fees.

Even though selecting a bail bond company is time sensitive, do not get caught up in the panic and rush through the selection process. Asking the right questions is imperative in ensuring that the defendant gets the best help possible.



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