3 Tips for Hiring Effective Security for an Event

Most of the world is made up of good people, but sometimes it pays to have a bit of insurance for when the bad people show up. While not necessary for everything, an event you’re organizing may need a security detail if there’s the possibility something could go wrong. If you’ve never hired security before, arranging this can seem rather daunting. For that reason, we’ve put together three tips for hiring effective security for an event that you can use.


1. Assess Your Need

You certainly don’t want to be understaffed in terms of security, but over-staffing can also be an issue, creating an atmosphere of fear and anxiety when there’s a tough looking guy around every corner waiting for a fight. That’s why you need to take stock and assess your security needs before hiring. Think of the venue size, potential threats, and what kind of people would be there. Unless you’re protecting a diplomat, it’s unlikely you’ll need to have the whole place swarming with guards.


2. Background Checks

No matter how many security officers you have at an event, it won’t matter if one of them flies off the handle and becomes the security threat. Thoroughly background anyone you hire, but especially those in charge of securing your events who might be carrying weapons. International background check services make this a fairly simple task, so there’s no excuse to let this fall through the cracks.


3. Plan Accordingly

It pays to be prepared. Both before and after the hiring process, make sure you have an idea as to what your security will be protecting and the various contingencies they set up in the event of issues. Just because you won’t be out patrolling with them doesn’t mean you can ignore all of this. As the event coordinator, it’s even more important you know things like evacuation plans and the response to various types of problems so that you can make the right decisions in times of stress.

Hosting a successful event takes a lot of time and resources. For your own safety and the safety of your guests, remember that a robust security detail is an important part of all that.


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