3 Ways to Dramatically Improve Your Curb Appeal

Trying to impress the neighbors? Or better yet, trying to get your house ready to put on the market? If your home’s first impression is lackluster at best and you’re struggling to know where to start, here are just a few ways you can dramatically improve the curb appeal of your home.


Custom Details

Details really do make a difference. From a fresh coat of paint on the front door to the beautiful custom garage doors Baltimore MD has made popular, making a small investment in the beauty of the outside of your home can help you to impress your guests. If you live in a cookie-cutter neighborhood where many of the houses look the same, putting your personal touch on the doors, windows, and decor can also make your home stand out. Exploring the curb appeal of homes in other neighborhoods can help you figure out what styles look best in your area.



There’s nothing more off-putting to a potential home buyer than an overgrown lawn and weeds instead of flowers. While this doesn’t actually influence the monetary value of your home as much as it influences a guest’s opinion of your home, a little bit of landscaping can go a long way. While hiring a landscaping company can help you overhaul your overgrowth, a few weekend’s worth of elbow grease can put the front of your house in tip-top shape.


Keep it Clean

You’d be amazed at what a difference it makes on your home’s appearance to have clean siding and the sidewalk swept. Fix your crooked shutters, change the outdoor light bulb, and put the front of your house in order. Even this simple step can help you can make a first impression that really stands out.

Overall, you are in control of your home’s curb appeal. By paying attention to custom details, and keeping your home and landscaping neat and clean, even the ugliest of houses can be transformed into a proper home.



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