4 High Paying Jobs in Education

The field of education is vast and offers a wide variety of opportunities. While educators should enter the field out of a sense of vocation first and foremost, the field also offers very lucrative positions as well. As in any field, remuneration will usually be proportionate to the level of education, demand, experience, and specialization. Let’s take a look at some of the highest paying positions in education. 


Chief Academic Officer

Chief academic officers are responsible for coordinating, directing, and planning secondary education programs. They also develop, research, and monitor the efficiency and progress of academic courses, and monitor instructional practices in universities and colleges.  

As a chief academic officer, you’ll also be responsible for listening and responding to complaints, enriching and extending course offerings, and resolving issues with academic departments or faculties. Chief academic officers can earn anywhere between $92,622 and $158,000 per year. 


Special Education Teachers

Special education teachers will be in charge of teaching and giving assistance to young kids, teenagers, and young adults dealing with mental, physical, or emotional disabilities. Special education teachers will also be responsible for helping students reach their full potential by expanding their knowledge, maximizing independence, and improving skills and abilities through specialized programs and curricula. 

Special education teachers can make up to $63,500 per year and the field offers many chances for advancement. In addition, many colleges allow teachers to get their formation completely online nowadays. Bank Street College Masters degrees in special education are highly recognized and allow education professionals to further their education while maintaining their current position. 


School Counselor

A school counselor is another great career path for people who want to work in education. School counselors work in middle, high and elementary schools and provide resources to staff, teachers, administrators, and students.  

School counselors offer resources to groups and individuals, including vocational, educational and personal counseling. They will also be trained to identify signs of abuse and redirect victims towards the proper resources. Counselors also offer career or college planning. School counselors can make up to $65,000 per year. 



Superintendents work as chief executive officers within the school system. They are responsible for managing school staff and teachers, improving education quality by implementing and developing procedures and policies, as well as devising and maintaining budgets. In addition, superintendents also have to deal with complaint resolutions, behavioral issues with students or staff, budgetary and salary issues, and scheduling issues as well. 

Superintendents can stand to make up to $193,983 per year but will usually be required to at least have a master’s degree to be eligible. In some cases, they will be required to have at least a doctoral degree and experience as educators or school administrators. 



As you can see, the field of education can be very lucrative and there are many positions that could take you beyond the traditional classroom. Make sure that you consider one of these career paths if you want to find your calling and get rewarded accordingly. 


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