5 Best Practices for Using Groups on Social Media for Business

Did you know almost 93 % of marketers are actively using social media to boost their brands, products and services? That is how influential it is. With the rapid progression of marketplace, businesses of all sizes can easily reach potential prospects and customers if they know how to leverage from social media campaigns. Social media is considered as the best way to engage with your audience. According to a survey, 92 % of business owners who have successfully started formal social media campaigns claim that it significantly helped their business to flourish.

They have embarked to invest a major portion of their marketing budget into social media. There are numerous facets to social media; however, marketing to discussion groups plays a pivotal role in connecting with highly targeted audience – referred to those who have a profound interest towards your products and services.

In this article, I am going to provide you an insight of 5 best practices for effectively using social media groups for your business.


Be Specific in Choosing Right Social Media Channels

This is the foremost step that you need to take before you start marketing to social media groups. Start with researching about each social network and the audience it carries. You need to choose a platform where you can find your potential customers and highly targeted audience in order to market your brand. It is more likely to be the case that not all social networks will fit to your business needs therefore; it is useless to spend resources to every other network. Choose the one that you find the most relevant pertaining to your brand needs.


·        Facebook Groups

Facebook groups serves to be the largest community, which can benefit your business greatly. You can find several groups that are related to your industry or business and engage with members out of whom you can easily find potential customers who might be interested in buying your products or services. Likewise, you can also create your own community through Facebook groups and attract highly targeted audience.


·        Linked In Groups

If you aim to target professionals, executives or business owners then the ideal medium is to join Linked In groups. It will help you in connecting or building positive relationships or partnerships with these people who can become your potential customers. The key advantage of using LinkedIn group is you can directly communicate with anyone from the group you are being associated. However, you can also utilize featured groups section if you want to feature the group that you own or belong to.


Be Clear About Your Goals & Objectives

Once you are done with selecting the best social media platform for your business, the foremost and the next step you need to perform is clearly formulate what goals and objectives you are looking forward to pursue with marketing on social media groups. Objectives can range from creating brand awareness to generate leads and conversions or it can be any other goal. The key is to set a realistic goal to benefit from your social media efforts. As soon as you get clear about what you need to achieve in the end, your social media strategies will be built accordingly.


Employ Videos, Images & Links

For successful social media marketing, visuals are key elements that derive success, so it would be of your great advantage if you spice up your posts, content and shares with related videos, images and links.  It has been proved that by adding images in your Facebook posts it will boost engagement with 100% when compared to simply posting pure text.

Pro Tip: Every business takes it’s branding serious and choose professional design company to get their brand identity designed including logo design, business card, and etc. So what you can do here is that whenever you’re getting your brand identity done, just ask them to provide you 2-4 social media post designs as a compliment. Most of the time when you’re dealing with these firms, they don’t refuse your requests. Instead of asking for discount, you should ask for these if you plan to make use of social media for your business.

However, Youtube is already integrated to Google+, you can post valuable links to originate better results on your group, based on the approval of the group admin. Moreover, LinkedIn is also following the practice of adding visual effects in the posts to stimulate better engagement from target audience.


Your Post Should Be Brief & Concise

You must be thinking what an ideal length of an effective post is. According to studies, posts that are crisp, short and concise generate better response and engagement. For instance, if you look at Twitter it has already limited its tweets to no longer than 140 characters. That is how it goes with social media groups as well. Specifically in Facebook groups, it is estimated that posts and questions, which are written in between 100-119 characters, generate results that are more productive. However, with Google+ you can limit your post to 60 characters to give rise to better engagement.


Participate in Healthy Discussions

When it comes to boosting engagement in social media groups, you have to participate in discussions being done on those groups while positively answering other people comments that are not in your favor. You have to show respect and appreciation to positive feedback by thanking them or rewarding them with good gestures. However, if you are exposed to any negative comment do not make the mistake of deleting it rather take it as a constructive criticism and be determined to respond that comment with a related resolution or promise to improve for betterment.


Key Takeaway

The bottom line is to create content that speaks for your brand while ensuring you provide value to your target audience. It cannot only be possible through writing blog posts or sharing videos rather it is all about how good you are in actively engaging in two-way communication with your prospect audience. Consequently, it is where business owners and digital marketers should learn that how they could make the most of social media groups.


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