5 Things To Think About When Planning Your Event

When planning an event from the ground up, you must consider all the items that go into preparing. Do not forget to think through the plan from beginning to end.


1. Audience

What event are you arranging? The first thing to think about is who the audience is. You do not want to plan an entire event geared towards children only to later realize you are supposed to have activities the whole family can partake in.


2. Cleanup

An often-forgotten part of planning events is the cleanup. Think about whether you need to recruit a volunteer cleanup crew or if you want to hire someone. For example, if you are holding a sporting event, look forĀ sports event clean up Frederick MD.


3. Accessibility

Think about the location and what else is required for theĀ event to be accessible. Do you need to make sure there is a wheelchair ramp? Do you need a translator to follow along with speakers to provide American sign language? Do you need a handicap section for audience seating? Pay attention to your guests’ needs when making preparations.


4. Food and Drink

Plan smart when it comes to what food and drink you are serving at your event. If you are selling food or bringing in vendors, make sure there is an ATM or other place to get cash and make change if necessary. Distribute the trash and recycling as needed.


5. Weather

Pay attention to the weather! Bad weather could be a game-changer for the event. If it needs to be nice outside, you may consider scheduling a rain date. If you have an indoor/outdoor event, then be sure you can fit all the expected attendees in the inside space to shelter from rain or chill. If you need a tent for the outdoors, rent one.