Automated Businesses That Can Earn Serious Money

There’s a lot of money to be made a few quarters and dollars at a time. Providing basic products and services using automated devices allows you to earn near-passive income on a flexible schedule. Here are two proven business ideas for you to think about.


Clean Up in The Laundry Business

Washing and drying clothes is one of the biggest areas in vending. College students, travelers, and those who simply can’t afford to own their own washer and dryer use commercial laundry establishments (often known as laundromats). You’ll need a high traffic location, like a shopping center. You’ll also need to consider hiring attendants (who can also offer extra services like folding and ironing) and security people, depending on the neighborhood you’re operating in. Laundry machines require a lot of maintenance when they’re used frequently, so you’ll need to either hire or contract with good repair people and maintain a relationship with laundry parts distributors for when your machines need replacement parts.


Make Some Cold Cash With Ice Dispensing

A free-standing ice operation which offers bulk and bagged ice requires no attendants. It’s really like a giant outdoor vending machine for ice. You can typically offer about double the amount of ice for the same price compared to a convenience store and still be very profitable. A leading brand offers a cool (no pun intended) smartphone app that allows you to monitor the status of your operations. You can typically locate an operation like this in the parking lot of another business for a small portion of the proceeds, and the adjacent business helps provide security.

The know-how to maintain these complex mechanical systems, along with having some marketing savvy to know where the best locations are, is what separates success from failure. Before investing in them, you should carefully consider the outlay in capital and time you’ll need to make to be successful.

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