The Benefits of Opting For An Open MRI Scan

If you need an MRI scan, the thought of sliding into that tunnel may cause feelings of fear or anxiety. It is even worse if you suffer from mild or severe claustrophobia. The best thing you can do is opt for an open MRI scanner. It is a great way to avoid sliding into the tunnel that causes feelings of nervousness or discomfort. Here are several benefits of choosing an open MRI scan for your procedure.

1. Physical Comfort

One benefit of an open MRI scan is being able to lie comfortably during your procedure. You may have to stay in a specific position, but you are not confined to the walls of a tunnel. The lack of walls allows you to shift into a more comfortable position. All you have to do is make sure it does not interfere with the procedure.

2. Easier To Scan

It is easier to get an accurate reading when you opt for an open MRI scan. There are many open MRI machines that accommodate bodies of all sizes and types. The solution is found in the open design and body-weight capacity of the machine. Your body fits into the open machine with ease, and this makes it easier for your physician to scan the target area.

3. Peace of Mind

The best part of an open MRI scan is knowing you are not going to be stuck inside an enclosed space. You do not have to worry about feeling trapped inside a small space because the machine does not feature any walls. You are only surrounded by the top and bottom of the machine, and there is open space on both sides of your body. The open machine is designed to give you a peace of mind during your procedure.

4. There Is Always Communication

There is nothing worse than feeling alone during a medical procedure, and this is why the staff at many hospitals and facilities go out of their way to communicate during the scan. The staff monitors you throughout the procedure to ensure everything is going smoothly. A technician uses a high quality speaker system to keep you updated on the scan, address your concerns or provide comfort during the procedure. You can take comfort in knowing there is additional communication and supervision during your open MRI scan.

The open scanner provides physical comfort and a peace of mind during your procedure.


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