Benefits of Performing a Social Media Audit

What is a Social Media Audit?

Essentially, a social media audit is a process with several steps that analyze a businesses current social media presence and strategy. The end goal of this process is to provide this hypothetical business with an actionable plan to improve its social media presence. Usually, this plan will provide a business with specific gaps in its social media marketing plans that can be fixed, in order to increase customer interaction in a digital space. There are several methods of performing a social media audit and the basic process is detailed in the next section. 


How to Perform an Audit

The first step to performing an audit of a company’s social media presence is to locate all profiles, across all social media platforms. Generally, this will be Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Snapchat, but it can include others. The person performing the audit should record information about each of these profiles. URLS, passwords, usernames, follower accounts and the employees with access to these accounts should be written down. Obviously, this information should be written down somewhere safe, for security reasons. Next, each profile should be complete. Most notably, make sure that each profile contains a business’s contact information, other social media account handles and physical location. This is what most customers will be looking for. This information should be consistent across all profiles, which should be checked by the auditor. Next, a brand should consider whether they are on the right social networks for their audience. Different social networks have different demographics, some of which may suit certain businesses better. Finally, a company should check to make sure there are no fake profiles of the same profile floating around the internet, which can sometimes happen. Performing a social media audit may seem daunting to the uninitiated, but tools like NetBase can help. 


What is NetBase?

NetBase is a social media analytical software that helps brands understand and improve their online performance. With a plethora of tools, businesses can audit their social media accounts, create growth plans and much more! Additionally, each tool is built with the specific algorithms of each social network in mind. The tools at NetBase are tailored to correspond to different networks, as Facebook works different from Instagram, and so on. Thus, the tools at NetBase can help brands succeed on all sites, not just one. Plus, these advanced tools are great for predicting methods that can grow successful and genuine interactions.  


Benefits of an Audit

One of the key benefits to an audit is the advice and actionable plans that it can provide. Social media marketing can be incredibly complex. Expert advice and tools can make it easier to understand how audiences work and how to convert online fans of a brand into actual customers.   

Audits can provide information about competitors, too. Understanding where industry competitors are failing and succeeding can help a business avoid those failures, while emulating that success. Obviously, this varies depending on the industry, but auditing can help understand the gaps between different brands.  

Losing potential customers within the sales funnel is a frustrating experience. A social media audit can help a brand understand why. Being able to look at advanced analytics allows businesses to see the process from the customers point of view. From this, they can see where they are losing the customer and how to improve that section of the funnel.  

Finally, performing a professional audit can help a brand succeed in a long term. Successful social media marketing can sometimes be a foggy and moving target. Learning good and standard practices for media marketing and management can be key for long-term grown and success. 



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