Common Workplace Injuries

It is important for businesses to protect their most valuable assets. This is their employees. Companies need to take steps to avoid unnecessary risks, clean up messes, and cover sharp objects. Sadly, even with the most appropriate precautions, workplace injuries can still happen. If an employee gets hurt at work, it is helpful to have workers’ compensation insurance Maitland FL. Two of the most serious workplace injuries are burns and traumatic brain injuries.


Burns Can Occur in the Workplace

Burns are far more common than most businesses realize. Burns can take place via exposed wires, electrical sockets, and hot surfaces. Burns can range from mild first-degree burns to extremely serious third-degree burns. Even second-degree burns can keep workers out of the workplace for an extended period of time. Furthermore, burns can also lead to long-term medical complications, such as nerve damage. These are expensive injuries and workers may end up filing for workers’ compensation as a result. Businesses need to protect themselves.


Traumatic Brain Injuries Are Serious

Unlike other parts of the body, neurons in the brain do not heal completely once they are injured. As a result, traumatic brain injuries can lead to complications that could impact someone for the rest of his or her life. Furthermore, traumatic brain injuries can occur following seemingly innocuous accidents. For example, a slip and fall injury on a wet floor, icy sidewalk, or on a staircase. If someone strikes his or her head on the ground, this can lead to a skull fracture, brain bleed, or cerebral contusion. Some employees will end up filing for workers’ compensation following a head injury.


Invest in Workers’ Compensation Insurance

These are only two of the most serious injuries that could occur in the workplace. Businesses should protect themselves against workplace accidents using workers’ compensation insurance.