Emissions Testing With a Portable Analyzer

Government regulations and programs requiring the testing of motor vehicles, industrial machines, and air scrubbers have been in place for many years. These programs were designed to identify any machine or vehicle that superseded the allowed levels of gases so that pollution could be controlled. As with any relatively new industry, emissions testing has progressed to the point there are now portable analyzers that may be appropriate for your company. Here are some reasons you may want to purchase a portable unit for air analyzing and testing.


Large Fleet

If you have a large fleet of vehicles, moving them into a testing area one at a time, having an employee responsible for taking the vehicle to the testing area, and the off-site time required for one or more employees may be costing your company way too much money. Why not consider a portable emission tester such as the nova analyzer? Your employees could stay on site, and the vehicles wouldn’t have to leave the lot.


Down Time

Most companies have down-time days when they are snowed in, rained in, or a client has cancelled a specific operation. When that occurs, why not use the free time to analyze a few of the vehicles in your garage or the machines on the floor? A remote unit connects by blue tooth to the main machine so that the portable device can be used for easy, reliable and accurate readings by your own employees.


Save Money

When you must send employees off-site to get an emission test, or when you must call someone in to test the emission gasses of one or more of your machines, the costs can add up quickly. With a portable analyzer, you or your employees can register any of the eight known pollutant gasses with an easy to use and ruggedly designed machine.


When it comes to industrial emissions or machine combustions, why not save time and money with the purchase of a portable device that can measure, register, and report any of the gasses you may be concerned about. Check out a portable analyzer today.


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