Features and Uses of Magnetic Stirrers

Magnetic stirrers are devices that make use of a rotating magnetic field. This rotating magnetic field is created by a rotating magnet bar. Some stirrers also use a plate that contains a rotating magnet. Here are some other things that you may need to know about the features and uses of these stirrers.

What Are They Used For?

Magnetic stirrers, also known as magnetic stir plates, are used for chemistry and biology experiments. These units are quite useful when it comes to mixing components to get homogeneous mixtures. Some of the samples that require magnetic stirrers include bacterial growth media and buffer solutions. The stirrer mixes these samples by agitating fluids. In most instances, magnetic stirrers are also used with hot plates.

What is the Magnetic Stirring Bar

A magnetic stirring bar is a magnet that’s immersed in the liquid. This bar is what delivers the stirring action. Magnetic bars are usually coated in Teflon. Some are also coated using glass. The purpose of the coating is to make the bars inert, so they don’t end up reacting with the contents of the mixtures. Most magnetic stirring bars are octagonal or circular. However, there are some that have different shapes depending on what you want to stir.

The Capacity of Magnetic Stirrers

The majority of magnetic stirrers found on sites like 2mag USA have a capacity that doesn’t exceed four liters. This is because they are quite small and are used for small experimental setups. Apart from the volume, magnetic stirrers may not work in viscous liquids or thick suspensions.

These are some of the features of magnetic stirrers. If you are looking for a magnetic stirrer, it’s important to research well and get a unit that has all the features necessary for your experiment. You may also want to check out the coating on the bar to ensure it won’t react with your mixtures.