How An Email Address Cleaning System Boosts Your Marketing Campaigns

If you use email to communicate with your customers, you probably care a lot about growing your email list. There are many growth tactics you can integrate into your strategy and gather as many leads as you can. But what matters even more than the size of your email list is its quality. An email address cleaning system will remove invalid addresses and ensure your email hygiene is impeccable.

What does an email address cleaning system do, more exactly?

  • It analyzes your email list and removes all invalid email addresses you’ve collected. Sometimes, people make typos when they try to sign up for your newsletters. Every misstyped address is a lost lead, and keeping it in your database is going to hurt your bounce rate and your sender reputation. A good email cleaning company also provides an API that you can install on your website to prevent misspellings and only collect valid email addresses.
  • It eliminates email addresses that pose a risk to your email deliverability and sender reputation. Spam traps, toxic and catch-all domains, abuse and disposable emails – these are all leads you don’t want to keep, as they won’t contribute to positive marketing results.
  • A great email address cleaning system will also offer you important information about your subscribers. For example, you can find out their name, gender and location, which will allow you to better segment your list and send personalized campaigns.


Email deliverability, the first step in email marketing success

Let’s say you have an email list of 20,000 people. It’s a good number of subscribers, so you invest time and effort to send them great content. First of all, you pay your email service provider to be able to send your campaigns in the first place. Then, you do your best to write really good copy, or maybe you hire a copywriter to help you. Then, there’s the design: even if you do it yourself, it still takes time, and if you contract a professional graphic designer, you have to pay him, too.

When your campaign is ready, you finally hit the „Send” button and it goes out to your 20,000 subscribers. But, a few hours later, you look ar your report and notice that many of the emails bounced and that some people have marked you as Spam. What a disappointment! Not only that you haven’t reached all your subscribers, but some of them considered your campaign spammy.


Enter: the email address cleaning system

You realize your email hygiene is pretty poor, so you decide to look for an email cleaning system online. You find the one you trust, run your list through the software and send another campaign. This time, your bounce rate is almost inexistent and you get zero Spam abuse reports. Furthermore, because you’ve reached more people, your conversions have gone up!

Email deliverability is the first step of a successful email marketing campaign. A reliable email address cleaning system will eliminate bad and risky leads from your database and allow you to achieve the results you were hoping for.


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