How to Deal with a Work Injury

If you have been injured at work, there are various steps that you will want to follow. It’s also a good idea to work with a work injury lawyer Hillsboro OR firms have to offer. Although your employer will likely tell you it’s not necessary, you want to protect yourself.


Report the Accident

The first thing that you need to do is report the accident. Your employer likely has a process in place as to how accidents should be reported. It’s imperative that your accident is documented appropriately. If you leave work without reporting your accident, it will be difficult for you to prove that your injury happened at work.

Go into as much detail as possible on the report as this information may be used later when establishing your case.


Obtain Witnesses

There were likely employees who saw you get injured. You may need their testimonials to help you with your case later on. Be sure that you identify all of the witnesses and include them in the report. You may also want to ask around and find out if anyone else saw what happened. The more people you have who saw you, the easier it will be to identify that your injury is legitimate. It may also help to establish why you were injured to begin with.


Contact a Lawyer

Although your employer likely has workers compensation insurance, you never want to accept a settlement without first talking with a lawyer. Your lawyer will help you determine what the true worth of your case is. The lawyer will also help to address any questions you have about the process.

Once you have been injured, you need to work quickly to ensure that a case can be built effectively. Contact a lawyer and let them provide the legal counsel that you need.


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