How to Make a Yard Visitor-Friendly for an Upcoming Party

Maintaining a yard can be a lot of work, especially before a big party. However, the yard will need to be a safe, comfortable place for invited friends and family to have fun without worrying of injuries or bites. The yard should be worked on for a few weeks before the party, and it needs to maintain its well-groomed appearance until the big day arrives.


Filling In Any Holes

Dogs, rabbits, and gophers will all cause holes within the lawn. If there are holes, fill them up with topsoil and plant some grass seed to quickly fill in the lawn. With two weeks to go, the grass should fill in quite nicely. Holes can be hazardous, causing people to fall or trip. Filling in holes is a rather quick and easy process as long as the family dog isn’t a notorious digger.


Eliminating Annoying Pests

Pests can truly wreak havoc on a backyard party. Ants are known for getting into the food, as are flies. Spiders frequent lawns, especially those with lots of bugs for them to eat. In addition to these pests, hosts will find mosquitoes, wasps, ticks, and fleas may need to be controlled as well. If there is a particularly bad wasp infestation, disposable protective clothing is great for keeping wasps at bay while spraying them and removing nests. There are many pesticides that will eliminate most yard dwelling insects, which may be a great consideration if there are lots of pests to drive off.


Cutting the Grass Frequently

Many people cut their lawns once every 7 to 14 days. With the impending party, cut the grass every 3 to 4 days. This will help to drive away pests, from spiders to gophers. It will also keep the grass very, very short, helping it to remain soft and supple for children.

Yards need some extra maintenance as a hosted party approaches, but the well manicured space will be well worth the work once the party arrives. Afterwards, it’s time to kick back and have an ice cold drink in the beautiful backyard!


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