4 Things You Should Know Before You Launch Your Business On Instagram

Either you are starting up a new firm or about to run a side project, you will desire to understand the way of getting famous on Instagram. The co-founder of one of the famous blog “A Beautiful Mess,” Elsie Larson, who has got more than 297K followers on the Instagram, vividly knows what is needed and what is not required when you consider about getting fame on Instagram. However, there is one point which is missing: a cool picture editing app which would have created the much bold, bright and colorful pictures for her Instagram feed. And “A Color Story” is launched.

With the help of this strategy, A Color Story could able to cover more than 5,000 followers on Instagram before even the launch of their app. Two weeks before the launch of this app, this app has got featured in App Store and presently been followed by more than 62,000 people, which is an awesome achievement.

So, how did this happen? Gaining the huge follower base for A Beautiful Mess helped a lot, but there is a lot much which needs to be learned from this app regarding launching the business on the Instagram.

Following the best tips mentioned for you which are adopted by A Color Story and are needed to be considered by you before you launch the new business on Instagram.


1. Include a community in beta testing

While launching the new business, it is very important to get the feedback from users about your concepts, services which you provide and your ideas at the early stages.

But for making the business successful on Instagram, you may need to include the members of the Instagram community during this testing for gaining the valuable feedback.


2. Gather the followers before launch:

For making the launch of your business successful, you may need to initiate by creating a little buzz before you liven up the threats. As the announcement of the launch of “A Color Story” was first given in a blog and a week and a half later the actual launch was carried out, that built a huge excitement and anticipation among all the followers.

The beta testing is done by the team of Instagram influencers who helped in posting related to the app at various channels and hence they achieved to build up the expanded excitement all across the platform for this app, leading to a successful launch. You can make the chances of making your successful launch higher, by using the various tools like Vibbi, which can be used to purchase Instagram followers and likes for your business.


3. Gain the amazing preview of the Instagram feed

Before sending your family, friends, and followers to the launch of your new business on Instagram, make sure that it looks amazing.

Post their 3 to 5 photos for showing the type of content you want to make them show, along with the visual content which integrates with what kind of business you are going to run.


4. Use a worthy name on Instagram

Giving the name to your brand or business can be a big challenge, but never forget that naming should be done while keeping Instagram in mind.

Along with this, for having the Instagram handle which is already present (and preferably present there all across the various social media platforms), you may consider about using hashtags too.



There are many things which are needed to be considered before you launch the new business on Instagram. For making it successful, all the above-mentioned tips can help you a lot and can make you able to get the solid place on this platform.