When Litigation Fires Up, Expert Witnesses Can Determine the Outcome

Litigation has a reputation for being highly contentious. Parties can get nasty, going at one another for months or even years to resolve some major issue. Apple and Samsung are probably the most famous parties to have tangled in this way. Others go to war in smaller, less significant cases where billions of dollars aren’t at stake. No matter the dollar amount, though, litigation is often the most important thing going on for each party in a given circumstance. When litigation is on board, most litigants turn to expert witness services. Experts can help determine the outcome of those important cases.

In today’s litigation world, the battle of expert witnesses is always an important one. They are important in part because jurors sometimes don’t trust lawyers. With all of the different jokes out there about lawyers being dishonest, it’s often true that juries want to hear the truth from a party they think is objective. This is where those experts come into play. They are usually enlisted in order to provide some backing and some legitimacy to the argument being made by the lawyer. The best expert witnesses are able to help lawyers overcome this deficit in trust with the jury.

On top of that, some of the best experts today are people who are compelling and persuasive. They are doing more than just explaining the facts to jury members. They are also making a sale on those facts. There is an art to explaining things as an expert witness. Experts are all about making arguments in a subtle way that makes it seem as if they are just telling the facts. When an expert is good at his job, he can change the trajectory of the case just by speaking in an authoritative tone.

In today’s litigation world, good experts are there to explain almost anything. In an intellectual property case, smart engineers come in to explain how things work. In a car wreck case, an expert might be there to testify on how a car’s wheels malfunctioned. In financial cases, a good expert is there to explain the inner workings of the banking system. There are experts for almost everything today, with the best people being able and willing to step in and use their knowledge in favor of both the truth and the side they are testifying for.


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