Making Metal Art

Versatile enough to be used inside and outside the home, sculpted metal art can give your place a classy look. The pieces can be molded into abstract shapes, objects or animals. A sculpture can be expensive but if you have the right tools you can make it yourself out of scrap metal. Here are a few of the things you would need to start this new hobby.


Melting Metal

To get started crafting your masterpiece, you will need scrap metal, a welding torch, leather welding gloves, rods and a helmet which can be found at the best online welding store. You will want to wear a long-sleeved shirt, pants and closed toe shoes to protect your skin. Other tools such as pliers and tin snips are also handy. Are you fuzzy on how to weld? There are tutorials online to help you out or you can take a class at your local community college.


Getting Started

Once you decide on the piece you wish to build, you can print a few examples of it for reference while you work. Prepare the metal for sculpting cleaning it with either a angle grinder or a piece of sandpaper. Polish it until it is clear of any impurities. Be sure to put your helmet on before you begin to weld. You can be blinded by the arc if you forget.


Create Your Art

Once you have your tools you can begin making your sculpture. Start from the base so that your smaller pieces have something to latch to. Decide whether you would like to use an arc welder or a oxygen/acetylene welder and understand the benefits of each. Learn how to use the machine then get to work. With patience and time you will produce a piece of art you can treasure for yourself in your own home or give to a loved one as a gift.



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