5 Methods to Market Your Website

If you want a chance of being noticed on the internet, you need to invest time promoting your business.

Now the question is, how to market your website?

The answer: there are many methods to get web traffic and in this post we are going to share 5 ways.


1. Social Networks

Create a fan page on Facebook and promote your blog on it. Daily, billions of users are on Facebook, which is a valid reason to invest time on Facebook.

Twitter is another social platform to use to promote your website. Google is indexing Twitter pages, so any time you tweets are related to your website, this will help to increase your web presence.

Remember: be creative and smart with tweets.

There are many other social networks where you can promote a blog, like Google Plus, Pinterest and LinkedIn.


2. Comments on Other Blogs

You should invest your time in commenting on other blogs.

Make a list of great websites in your niche where you would like to comment regularly, after reading their updates (you can grab their RSS Feeds).

Make your goal to leave useful, relevant comments on their posts, so to provide extra value. This helps improving you branding and rankings (by leaving comments you will get links back to your site and you will be able to connect with new people within your niche).


3. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging means writing great posts for other blogs in your niche and submit them for publishing.

By guest posting, you can build a good relationship with other bloggers, as well as creating new backlinks to your blog. This will help with your SEO.

You may want to read this guide on guest blogging.


4. Forums

This method may seem outdated, but promoting your blog via forums is still a valid method to build reputation and online presence.

Forums will help getting traffic to your blog too. Find a forum in your niche and register with it. Try to give the best answers of questions that other users ask. Do this regularly and after sometime you will build your brand and name.


5. SEO


SEO means optimizing your website for search engines. You want to create content which is good both for your readers and for gaining organic traffic.

Just think a minute: when you are looking for something in Google, you normally examine just the first page of results, right? Even more, you probably click on the first, or second, link that appear on top of the SERP.

Pick a keyword related to your business and optimize your content, adding it:

  • in the URL of your page;
  • within the content, in a certain percentage;
  • in the heading and subheading (H1, H2, H3, etc);
  • in the alt tag of images.
Also, remember to add links to useful content within your site archive and include links and mentions to relevant resources outside your website.

SEO can be a time-consuming process initially, but it’s an important step towards getting more traffic and grabbing a top spot in search engines for your main keyword phrases.


Now it’s your turn to share other ways to get traffic and brand your business. Share your best ways to promote a blog in comment area. Also if you found this post useful don’t forget to share it on Twitter and Facebook.


  1. Wignal Edwards
  2. Ketan Jawale


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