Marketing Your Business with Stickers

The act of marketing a business can cover a wide range of options. Almost every move you make can be considered marketing, or if not marketing directly, something that can seriously affect your marketing strategy.

When it comes to name recognition, a good logo can go a long way to establish a look and feel for your brand. That is why once you have a great logo, you should find ways to put it everywhere. One way you can do that is with sticker labels. Here are some of the most common ways you can market your brand with stickers.


Use Stickers on Order Shipments

An easy way to utilize stickers in your marketing strategy is to put your brand’s logo sticker onto every order that you ship out. If you are solely an ecommerce brand, this is an excellent way to show off your logo while keeping your costs affordable, since most custom printed boxes will cost you far more to produce than using stickers. This is a great option for startups and smaller businesses that want to provide a unique look for their packaging without having to order thousands of boxes just to keep costs low.


Stickers as Giveaways

Trade shows are big events for budding brands. Anyone who has been to a trade show before knows that giveaways are great to pull people into your booth to talk more about your brand and what it provides consumers. Having a sticker as a giveaway item at your next trade show is a simple, affordable way to make sure your brand sticks in the minds of trade show attendees.


Offering Stickers for Sale

If you have built a brand that people not only recognize but want to be associate with, having a product that you can provide this diehard fans is important. A sticker with your logo, mascot or often-used motto can be a great way to provide a cost-effective product that helps you promote your brand without all of the hard work. Your fans will place these stickers on their vehicles, skateboards, guitar cases or other places where they are highly visible. The customer get the association with the brand and you get to reach a wider audience.

Infographic created by GWC Packaging