New Hobbies That Will Get You Outside This Summer

With all the technology available, it is easy to find oneself staying home more and more during any downtime. Hectic job and family schedules can leave a person feeling like they would rather take their free time to do nothing. It should be considered, though, that free time doesn’t mean a person should vegetate whenever they get the chance, but use some of this time to pursue new experiences and hobbies. With the summer approaching, try one of these new hobbies that will have the whole family outside and having a great time.


Competitive Shooting

If you are a gun owner, you might consider giving competitive shooting a chance. Look into local matches and decide which type of match you want to shoot. Explore options of competition handguns and choose the one that will work best for your sport and get started.


Ham Radio

A very useful hobby, ham radio operators can be found all over the world and even in space! Local clubs often host classes and events to help new members get started. There is an exam to get your license, but with it, a person is able to use a wide range of frequencies and participate in events worldwide. Many ham radio operators also use their skills in times of crisis by helping with emergency operations.



This is a great family activity that can be done whether you’re in the city or exploring the country. As long as you have a GPS, you can hunt for small treasures hidden all over the world. Many people form teams and geocache together while others enjoy hunting on their own. Discovering all the little hiding spots and leaving notes and trinkets for others to find is a thrilling way to spend some time outdoors.

Whether you have a large amount of free time or are just looking for a healthy outdoor hobby to get you moving, trying one of these suggestions is a great place to start.