Pets and Divorce – It Can Get Hairy

Divorce can be a difficult division of friends, family, and locations. But what happens when there is a pet involved when two individuals decide to sever their lives? Who gets to keep the beloved pet when both parties are invested in the animal’s life? Deciding ownership can be difficult because pets are often more like children than animals.


Problems Deciding

Even if you have an uncontested divorce Tampa, you may still have a few questions when it comes to the safety and security of your pet. Dogs, cats, reptiles, and birds are often the most contested of all animals because of the intense love humans can feel for these types of pets and for the love humans get back through cuddling, grooming, and personification. You also want what is best for your pet, making sure the custodian will maintain an active lifestyle and fill your pet’s emotional needs. That is why many courts now suggest that pets must be treated just like children when it comes to both custody and visitation.


Special Circumstances

During divorce proceedings, a judge may believe there are extenuating circumstances involved in the placement of a pet. These can include family children, emotional support animals, and service animals. When a family has children, the emotional attachment can often lead the court to allow the children to keep the pet because of separation anxiety issues that could arise. The same is true of emotional support animals because there is one party that needs the pet to prevent mental and physical problems. A service animal is always awarded to the disabled person.

The emotional connection you have with your pet can make a divorce difficult when it comes to your beloved animal. When both you and your soon-to-be-ex want the animals, the courts must step in and decide. That is why when pets are involved in a divorce, it can get hairy.


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