Stay Cool During the Heat of Things

A Welder’s Problem

Welders, or any other professional that works in a heated environment, are faced with a problem–they work in extremely hot conditions. It isn’t exactly something that can be readily fixed or changed, either, since welding requires heat. As such, becoming overheated can occur, especially if the welder forgets to drink an ample amount of water during their day. Overheating can create an abundant number of health problems all on its own, and as such, it’s best to be avoided. How can someone who works with heat, however, find a way to stay cool? The answer rests with an air cooling vest.


The Vest

Like its name might suggest, the cooling vest is a cutting-edge invention specifically designed to keep the wearer cool during hot conditions. By attaching to an air compressor, the vest uses this air, cools it in a storage compartment, and then blows it over the body in the areas where the vest is attached. It’s that simple. This vest can actually drop the ambient air temperature by 20 degrees Farenheight. For the actual wearer, they experience around 70 degrees Farenheight blown over their body. In addition to providing cool air, the vest is also flame retardant and durable. So, if you’re working with flames or near sparks, you can rest assured that the vest won’t catch and make things quite toasty in seconds. For those who are concerned with air consumption, the vest only consumes 5.5 CFM. It’s also lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about adding any additional stress to your body.


Relief While You Work

Welding and other jobs that require working in hot conditions can be brutal. Wearing a cooling vest can help provide you with some relief throughout your day. Not only can it help you keep the sweating down, but you’ll have less chance of overheating on the job. That means that those other health risks associated with overheating will pass you on by. Try a cooling vest and experience sweet relief at last.


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