The Benefits of Mobile Billboards

You have probably seen several of the mobile billboards Los Angeles has to offer on the sides of trucks and buses, but what kind of advantages do these have over other forms of advertising? What makes an ad painted on the side of a city bus so much more effective than a stationary billboard or something printed in the local paper?

First of all, mobile billboards tend to be much more cost-effective than other forms of advertising. It basically involves renting space on the side of a truck or a bus for a specific amount of time that can be anywhere between a single day or several weeks. You don’t have to pay for the material to put up the billboard or the fees associated with running a print ad. When the allotted time is up, the billboard is removed to make way for something else.

Second of all, a mobile billboard can reach far more people than any stationary billboard. A bus or a truck will be seen by thousands of people as it drives across the city or even the country. These are all people who will get the message about the product or service that you are advertising. Since studies have shown that mobile billboards have a 97 percent recall rate, which means the vast majority of people who see your ads will remember them.

Finally, mobile billboards are surprisingly easy to track. Most companies that offer mobile billboard services also allow GPS tracking for the billboards. This means that you can track who sees your billboards and decide where they will go to reach your target audience.

Although mobile billboards seem kind of old-fashioned in the digital age, there is no denying their effectiveness. People see trucks and buses drive around all the time with advertisements on them, so maybe it’s time that you take advantage of that. It really is the ideal advertising medium, especially in a place that is as busy as Los Angeles.


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