Three Things to do When You Are in a Truck Accident

The reality of truck-car accidents came into view recently after the tragic events near Denver, Colorado. A semi-truck slammed into a number of stopped vehicles on I-70, resulting in a huge fire and the deaths of over a dozen individuals. In the end, the truck driver was charged with multiple counts of vehicular homicide.


Not all accidents are like this

The events in Colorado do not represent every car-truck accident. Nevertheless, when a smaller vehicle meets several tons of moving steel, something is bound to happen. Unfortunately, this can mean physical and mental injuries as well as loss of income. However, by following a few simple steps, accident victims or their families can reclaim their lives through monetary or criminal judgments. Thus, to help you out, here are three things to do when you are in a truck accident.


1. Don’t leave

The worst thing you can do is leave the scene of an accident. Swapping information with the other driver via a law enforcement officer is extremely important. So is getting checked out by first responders for potential injuries. If you don’t do this, it can be harder to reach any type of settlement if lingering problems arise. So, make sure everything is in order.


2. Collect all paperwork

If you are injured, your vehicle is severely damaged, or both, then you need to keep all of the records. This includes repair estimates, medical bills, and receipts for items needed to heal yourself and the car. These are crucial when presenting a case in a truck accident.


3. Speak to an attorney

Whether it’s on I-90 or downtown, you want to speak with a Boston truck accident attorney if you are seeking some kind of settlement. Firms like Colucci Colucci Marcus & Flavin, PC hire subject matter experts (SMEs) who know more than just the law. They go the extra mile to prove how the accident took place and the party at fault. In the end, don’t let a car-truck accident destroy your or your family. Heed the above advice to get the settlement you desire.


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