What Can A Virtual Receptionist Do For A Music School?

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Teaching music is an appointment-based enterprise and this is the ideal environment for a virtual receptionist, who would be remotely located, yet still provide a top drawer call answering and messaging service.  Of course, every music academy would have at least one full time receptionist and with so much on her hands, outsourcing the call answering really does make sense. In order to fully appreciate the many benefits of virtual reception, one needs to look into the services they offer and with that in mind, here are some of the benefits they offer the small business.

Professional Booking

If you would prefer to outsource all incoming calls to a virtual receptionist service, she would be able to access your cloud-based calendar and is fully briefed on the client’s business. Provided the briefing you provided is sufficiently detailed and you know how to safely store data on cloud, this should be very easy to set up. The range of duties would include making appointments for music lessons, rearranging classes and informing of any changes that might occur, all while giving out information to interested callers and this service would be available even outside opening hours. For the best deals, talk to a market leader such as https://www.receptionhq.com/ who have something to suit every business, no matter how large.

Improve Service

Once your receptionists do not have to answer incoming calls, they can focus on ensuring that waiting students are attended to and the many other things that a receptionist in a music school would do. The provider has many clients and therefore the service is affordable and with a professional receptionist handling all of your calls, your staff can devote more time to maintaining the right environment for students and parents.

Promoting the Business

Whenever a potential customer calls, more often than not, they wish to have some further information about the different courses on offer, or a student might want details regarding availability, all of which the virtual receptionist can handle. In fact, the virtual receptionist can represent your school in the very same way a regular employee would, the only difference is: she is in another location.

Essential Cover

If your regular receptionist is absent through sickness or taking that well-deserved break, the virtual receptionist can handle things while she is away. The service is very flexible, allowing you to decide exactly when and for how long you use the service. This high level of flexibility really does mean that you only pay for the service you use.

Boost your School’s Image

With a trained professional answering all calls, you can be sure that every call is promptly and courteously handled and the typical boast of a virtual receptionist provider is that every call will be answered within 5 seconds. There are articles detailing some innovative ways you can boost your company image which you can refer to.

Virtual receptionist services can help every business, especially those that are appointment-based and with a global service that offers localised accents, your business could be based in the United States or Sydney and the same provider can provide the service regardless of the location.


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