What Do You Need To Anodize Aluminum?

Anodizing aluminum can give you the look and durability you are going for without breaking the bank. You can use the finished product in your home hobbies or as an essential part of your booming business. This is a fairly easy task and can be done at home if you have the right supplies and knowledge. Some of the basics that you need to get are tanks, materials for the chemical reaction and safety gear.



You will usually want to use a thick plastic tub for this process because you want the acid to react with the aluminum parts you are submerging and not the tub itself. You can find an anodizing tank from specialty plastics companies to fit almost any size of job and many will be specifically labeled as such so you do not have any breaks or spills during the process.



In addition to the tank and the aluminum pieces you want to anodize, you will need degreaser, two lead cathodes, and aluminum wire. It is also a good idea to have distilled water, baking soda and safety equipment. Some additional supplies can include dye if you want to color your aluminum pieces during the process. There are even some dyes designed for the anodizing process.



Since this process includes submerging aluminum in a sulfuric acid bath with electrodes and a power supply, there are some important safety precautions to follow. You will want a power supply that is the right voltage as well as the ability to remotely disconnect it if something goes wrong. You will also want rubber gloves and tongs to handle the metal between the acid and baking soda mixture. Safety rated eyewear and a heavy apron are also recommended.

Anodizing aluminum can add color and thickness to pieces for use in art, manufacturing and much more. You can do this process at home or as part of your business with a few supplies, the right knowledge and plenty of safety precautions.


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