What Is a CDL?

Fewer careers offer such a wide array of opportunities as a professional truck driver. With so many options available for steady work, it is a lucrative and rewarding field. If you enjoy being out on the road, seeing new places and embarking on new adventures, then becoming a professional truck driver may be the perfect profession for you. Do you know what the qualifications are to become a driver? One of the most critical elements is a commercial driver’s license or CDL. See what it takes to get it and start your new career.


Qualifications for Getting a CDL

To start your career as a professional truck driver, you have to earn your CDL. This tells prospective employers that you have done the legwork required to understand and master the operation of big rigs. The first step is passing a written exam to obtain a permit. Some of the basics you must learn to pass the test include air brakes, combination vehicles and general knowledge. Check with your state to ensure their qualifications don’t vary. The next step after getting the permit is a three-part exam which includes: Pre-trip inspection procedures, knowledge of basic controls and driving. Once you pass these exams, you are issued your CDL license and can begin applying for work.


Examples of Hauls

Once you have secured your CDL, you have the chance to decide what type of driving jobs interest you. Do you want to go across the country or stay in-state? Do grain haulers appeal to you, or are you more interested in livestock transport? With such a wide array of loads that need to go from A to B, there is seemingly endless potential to change up your job at any time. Keep in mind that some loads may require special CDL endorsements.

If hitting the open road sounds like a treat, then try getting your CDL and become a professional truck driver. This high-demand, high-reward industry needs qualified and enthusiastic candidates.



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