What Is Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

When purchasing a home, you more than likely have to carry homeowners insurance as part of your mortgage conditions. While you may not want to have this payment, it is something that comes in handy when you need to file a claim. It’s important to understand what is covered under your policy. While each policy is different, especially when it comes to dealing with natural disasters like hurricanes and floods, there are some basics that an insurance company should cover no matter what.


Accidental Loss

You may not think of unintentional loss in terms of a home, but it applies. Accidental loss coverage triggers when the inside or outside of your house gets damaged by means outside of your control. This may not apply to natural disasters, so make sure you check your policy for that. It does typically cover fires and fire damage, plumbing damage due to burst pipes or water damage due to a water heater malfunction. These are considered accidental losses and covered. If you aren’t sure what you need in terms of homeowners insurance daytona beach fl, you may want to do some research.



When you get robbed, you can feel violated and afraid. If you have homeowners insurance, you don’t have to break the bank replacing what was damaged or stolen by the thieves. If you find yourself the victim of theft, you need to file a police report and itemize everything that was taken. This will serve as evidence for the insurance company to use when assessing how much they are going to give you.


Injury to a Guest

If a guest in your home suffers an injury and needs medical attention, homeowners insurance should cover the costs associated with it. When a person gets injured in a house that does not have insurance, the owner is held personally liable, and attorneys may come after personal assets to recoup medical costs.

Hopefully, you have a better understanding of what is generally covered under a homeowners insurance policy. If an incident arises and you aren’t sure if it is included, call your insurer and find out.



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