When to Use a Bail Bond Company

No one wants to spend more time in a jail cell than necessary, which is one reason for bail. Bail allows the accused to return home for the duration of a trial while providing the court assurances they will return for said trial. Unfortunately, bail amounts are often high for certain criminal offenses, leaving some defendants little option but to stay in jail during their trial. However, there is at least one option, a bail bond company.


Bail Bond Services

Bail bonds west chester pa are companies that provide surety bonds for a fee. Most bond providers require 10% of the bail amount before submitting the surety to the court. This fee is nonrefundable regardless of a defendants attendance to their trial, but it is often the only option for those who cannot afford to cover the entire cash bail amount. Therefore, these services offer an opportunity to people who are otherwise incapable of securing their loved one’s freedom during court proceedings.


Consequences of Skipping Bail

When securing a bond, a family typically puts up collateral to cover the costs of the bail amount should their loved one skip their trial dates. If a defendant does not appear in court, then a bail bond company can take ownership or claim to the collateral to make good on the bail amount. Therefore, if someone put up their home as collateral, then the bail bond service may take ownership and sell the property to recoup their potential losses.

Agreeing to put up collateral for a loved is respectable and risky. Be sure you understand the risks and weigh your options before providing collateral, especially on things like homes and businesses. If you have questions regarding the bail bond process, then contact a local bond servicer for clarification and a list of bond types.


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