Why Choose An Air Motor Over An Electric Motor

There are a number of decisions that have to be weighed, in any business, to decide which is the right course to take. This could be about which advertising firm to go with or how many employees to hire. In many instances, choosing a piece of equipment necessary for business operations comes down to deciding between types and which fits best. If your business is in need of motors to generate power for various tools and functions, then there is a choice to be made between air motors and electric motors. Though each type has its benefits, what follows is why air motors make the better choice.


More For Less

In any business, it makes the most sense to invest in those things that can produce more with less. When comparing electric motors to air motors, the victory clearly goes to air motors. Because they typically have a higher power density, a small air motor will output equal or more power than its electric counterpart.


Simplicity In Operation

Another benefit that air motors have over their electric competition is ease of use. The controls necessary to regulate speed in air motors are done so with simple control-flow valves. Electric motors, on the other hand, require costly and often complicated electronics to operate.


Less Overhead

Keeping the cost of operations down is a necessity to turn a profit. In this way, air motors are also a better choice than their electric counterparts. They do not require magnetic starters, overload protection, or any number of other support mechanisms that are necessary for electric motors.

Both air and electric motors are useful in business for a variety of jobs. In many cases, however, it makes better business sense to go with air motors instead of electric motors. Whether it be their ease of use or getting more with less, air motors are a wise decision. They also come with benefits with regards to repair. If you have a Gast air motor, then a gast air motor rebuild kit can be purchased if the need arises.


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