Why You Should Upgrade Your Air Filters

Running A Business?

If you run a business in the industrial sector, then you likely have a lot of safety concerns that you have to address. This is to make sure that your employees are safe and happy and that your company is protected in the case of an injury. Besides safety measures being placed on equipment and tools, you may not have thought about the air. Sure you’ve likely capped the pollution that your industrial business releases to help the environment, but can you say that the environment within your business is just as safe? If you’re uncertain, then you may want to consider installing Donaldson compressed air filters.

What Air Filters Can Do For You

Much like anyone else, you likely don’t consider how important air filters are until they stop working and your employees start to fall sick more quickly. This is because air filters take out the bacteria, particles, and viruses in the air that can make people ill. If the filter isn’t performing its job well, then you and your company is going to feel it. In some cases, depending on the industry in question, if an air filter isn’t able to keep up with the number of pollutants in the air, then the employees might become lethally ill. This could result in a lawsuit that could gravely injure the company.

As such, when it comes to air filters, you don’t want to choose just any old air filter. You need the top of the line and next-generation brand of filter. That’s where the new line from Greenleaf Filtration comes in. Their Donaldson compressed air filters saw a log reduction value of 7–sometimes even greater than this–when the new filter was installed. Imagine all of the bacteria and pollutants that are regularly slipping through a standard filter otherwise.

Do you really want to breathe that in? Do you really want your employees to breathe that in? To protect your business, consider next-gen filters.


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